Getac video solutions Integrated ICV and BWC
video System

Getac know how important it is to have all your systems integrated and functioning as one. With GVS, you can get maximum benefit with minimal disruption.


ZeroDark™ HD Camera

You work at night, and so does the ZeroDark™ HD Camera.

Working at night comes with the disadvantage of reduced visibility, especially when it comes to your cameras. The ZeroDark™ HD Camera solves that problem so you can do your job, even in the darkest conditions. The cameras are small and discreet, and with 60° and 120° wide-angle cameras, you can create a 180° view.

True HD
Using high-quality open standard formats, the ZeroDark HD Camera delivers amazing clarity while lowering your storage costs.

Low-Light Recording
High-tech sensors and low-light recording features capture detail in as little as .04 lux illumination, so you can work with confidence.

Incredibly Small & Improved Performance
Smaller profile means less clutter in-car, and improved performance means crisper video capture.



You don’t get to choose where the job takes you, but you can choose the equipment you bring with. The Getac Video Solutions VR-X20 DVR captures the highest video quality and ensures connectivity, even in the most extreme conditions.

The VR-X20 acts as a powerful real-time gateway. It merges video and data from multiple sources at once and enables multi-tasking, quick response time and trusted in-field intel from the command center. The VR-X20 captures multiple camera sources simultaneously to high-performance, solid-state storage, so you can trust that you have the whole picture, not just one side of the story.

As an added bonus, with the VR-X20 you can use your body-worn camera as a microphone to reduce the number of devices you need to carry and manage.

Speed for Multi-Tasking
The VR-X20 can be configured with either the latest Intel® Core™ i3, i5 or i7 processor, delivering an amazing level of CPU performance.

Intel® Media SDK
Integrated with Intel Media SDK for fast video playback, processing, media format conversion, acceleration of video and image processing.

Powerful, Yet Efficient
Run at 100% capacity at 160 degrees F temperatures

Backup Battery
Powerful backup battery keeps you fully functional in case of vehicle collision or dead battery.

Purpose Built Configuration
The VR-X20 no-compromise configurable options provide you with a truly “purpose-built” tool for more successful implementations.

Dodge Charger U-Connect Compatible
The VR-X20 is validated to work with Dodge Charger Displays.

Full LTE integration for a total and true all-in-one platform.

VR-X20 Features


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